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Triple Advantage (NV Only)

Your group clients in Nevada will love the added protection they have with Triple Advantage. For clients who want a quality dental plan, Triple Advantage offers members a 3-in-1 plan with incredible savings, wide selection, and the flexibility to choose any dentist.

Triple Advantage Features:

  • Preventive care—Cleanings and routine check-ups are 100% covered.
  • Three ways to save—With Elite, PPO, and out-of-network coverage options your clients can choose the dentist and savings that fit their needs best.
  • Excellent customer service—Our Indiana-based support team answered more than 57,000 phone calls last year, and answered 99% of calls on first contact.*
  • MyRenBenefits—Our online member page makes it easy to check benefits information, find a participating dentist, print ID cards and more.
  • Vision coverage—Adding vision coverage to any dental plan is affordable and easy to use.


*Renaissance internal data, 2017

Diagnostic and Preventive ServicesHIGH

Elite / PPO / OON


Elite / PPO / OON


Elite / PPO / OON

Plan PaysPlan PaysPlan Pays

Diagnostic and Preventive Services

Diagnostic and Preventive Services – exams, cleanings, fluoride and space maintainers100%100%100%
Brush Biopsy – to detect oral cancer100%100%100%
Sealants – to prevent decay of permanent teeth100%100%100%
Radiographs – bitewing X-rays, full mouth X-rays, all other X-rays100%100%100%

Basic Services

Emergency Palliative Treatment – to temporarily relieve pain100/80/8090/60/6080/50/50
Periodontal Maintenance – cleanings by a specialist100/80/8090/60/6080/50/50
Simple Extractions – non-complicated extractions100/80/8090/60/6080/50/50
Minor Restorative Services – fillings100/80/8090/60/6080/50/50
Other Basic Services – miscellaneous services100/80/8090/60/6080/50/50

Major Services (12 month waiting period)

Periodontic Services—to treat gum disease80/50/5060/40/4050/25/25
Endodontic Services—root canals80/50/5060/40/4050/25/25
Oral Surgery Services—complex extractions and dental surgery80/50/5060/40/4050/25/25
Major Restorative Services—crowns80/50/5060/40/4050/25/25
Prosthodontic Services—bridges, implants and dentures80/50/5060/40/4050/25/25
Relines and Repairs—to bridges and dentures80/50/5060/40/4050/25/25


Calendar Year Maximum—per person$1,500
Calendar Year Deductible—per person / per family$50/$150
Allowed Amounts—elite / ppo / out-of-networkElite / PPO / Elite

Find a Dentist

Finding the right dentist is easy. Use our search tool to save the most by visiting an Elite or PPO dentist in your area.

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