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Site Updated: 10:30 am 05/15/2020

During this national emergency, the health of our employees, customers, and partner is our priority. Renaissance wants to ensure you have important information to help keep you and your family healthy.

As part of our continuity plan, Renaissance is committed to helping our customers make insurance easy and accessible, even in the midst of this national health emergency. Our dedication to our members who trust in our products and service remains unchanged. You can also view our COVID-19 statement.

Check out the sections below for additional resources and information:

Below are brief statements advising our clients on Renewals, Grace periods, STD and Leave of Absence relating to COVID-19 claims. Please contact your sales and support team with any questions or concerns.

Please be advised Renaissance will RETAIN CURRENT RATES for all Life and Health groups* with renewal dates between May 1, 2020 and September 1, 2020. This notification applies to group policyholders with fewer than 500 employees, including any May and June renewal notices that were sent as part of our normal business operations prior to the COVID-19 health crisis. The impacted group policyholder’s current rate(s) will remain in effect through the next plan anniversary date in 2021 for all renewals that fall within the defined timeframe and employer size.

*For those in the northeast, this is for all non-statutory life and health groups

Grace Period:
While many offices are experiencing office shutdowns and/or temporary work from home arrangements, Renaissance is working with you to allow for payment flexibility beyond our standard 30 day grace period. During this challenging time, Renaissance has implemented a 90-day premium grace period for our group and individual policyholders. Where applicable, state guidelines regarding grace periods will be followed accordingly. If you are an employer group customer, we encourage you to contact your account management team so we can adequately note your account.

Short-Term Disability:
Your STD policy defines “sickness” as an illness, disease, or complications of pregnancy. It also includes an Injury that occurs before you are insured. It does not include “risk of Sickness.” Therefore, for STD claims related to COVID-19, an individual would require an actual diagnosed medical condition (e.g., actually have the virus) with objective medical evidence that the condition is preventing them from working (signs/symptoms supporting restrictions/limitations preventing work). An advisement to self- quarantine, on a doctor’s presumptive coronavirus diagnosis (which does not require an actual positive test) would also meet the definition of disability. However, a quarantine for “exposure” to the virus (e.g., “risk of sickness”) would not meet the policy definition of disability/sickness. In any event, there has to be an accompanying loss of wages for a claim to be paid.

Leave of Absence/Temporary Layoff & Reduction Of Work Hours:
For leave of absence/temporary layoffs and reduced work hours related to COVID-19. Renaissance will administratively extend the layoff and rehire provisions of all life and health policies to all currently covered employees as long as the employer continues paying the premium for any impacted employees. We will support the continuation of coverage during a temporary layoff or reduced work hours for up to 3 months and will allow coverage reinstatement for terminated employees rehired within three months of the date of termination.

People all over the country are offering support amid the coronavirus outbreak. Below is a list of ways everyone can help our community during this time.

  • Be a virtual volunteer. From blogging to online fundraising, you can get in touch with organizations and ways to participate in virtual volunteer projects.
  • Take supplies to a local food bank. With schools closed, children who rely on free or reduced-cost school meals are facing hunger. When you pick up survival staples for your own pantry, grab a few extra to drop off at local food bank.
  • Make an online donation. Sometimes the most simple and effective way to help is via financial donation.

It’s essential to keep your mental health in check during this time. The outbreak of the coronavirus disease may be stressful and cause anxiety for many. Fear and anxiety about a disease, managing work and keeping up can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Taking measures to manage these emotions will make you, the people you care about and your community stronger.


Managing mental health